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Media Bottles

Every mycologist worth their salt needs autoclavable media bottles to sterilize and pour your own agar from.

Pair these with our agar agar powder recommendation and petri dishes!

Nitrile Gloves

While maybe not necessary, these gloves certainly make keeping clean easier! Generally speaking, gloves are not sterile upon receipt, so ensure that you have plenty of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol on hand!

Agar Agar Powder

With your newly acquired Media Bottles, you’ll need something to put in them! Few things go more closely with gourmet cultivation than agar agar powder!

Petri Dishes & Cooling Racks

As you might expect – next up, you’ll need petri dishes to pour your newly made agar solution into. These dishes come sterilized, so ensure you only open the individually packaged sleeves when you’re ready to go!
Ensure you give those piping hot plates some breathing room – that’s where the cooling racks come in, they’ll help keep your workspace organized and functional as you pour plate after plate!
Looking for some extra high quality plates? Check out these borosilicate ones!

Infrared Temperature Gun

This handy-dandy temperature gun will let you keep track of your hot liquids until they’re exactly the right temperature to pour!

Stir Plates & Stir Bars

This combo will help continually mix your solutions. These are helpful in just about every aspect of advanced mycology, from spore solution all the way to adding some food coloring into your agar mixture!


Another laboratory must-have, Parafilm is how you’ll keep those beautifully poured agar plates safe from the outside world once they’re no longer in a laminar flow. This stretchy sealant wraps around your plates, media bottles, or just about anything to help keep them clean.

IMS-CBLD11 Box of 100 Scalpel Sterile Blades #11 Carbon Steel Individually Foil Wrapped

Scalpel & Blades

One of the final pieces of your agar-work repertoire, this scalpel handle can be sterilized in an autoclave as-needed, and having individual blades to use between species of fungi will help you prevent cross contamination!

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