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 I will be happy to order from them again when I need something and suggest you do the same. 10/10 . A+ experience. Thank you!!


10/10 – If your looking for GREAT customer service, an wide array of products and super fast & friendly shipping, consider trying u/southwestshroomery!!! Quality at a fair price!!! Thank you!!! ?


Everything came exactly how I wanted, fast and everything was amazing! Answered questions and really helped me as much as possible! Mush Appreciated and I cannot wait to do business again!!


they Freaking rock!!! sent them a swab on a shaggy mane and they sent me back a isolated wedge!!! it was super fun to work with them. will make a lot more trades with SouthwestShroomery they are solid people!


I would definitely buy from them again purely for the customer service aspect. The fantastic items are certainly a great plus 😉


Shouthwest Shroomery is 10/10! Communication is open, kind and quick! Professionally packaged and full of gifts! Shipping was instant! They have a lovely library to shop. Thanks so mush!??❤


SouthwestShroomery provides a very friendly and professional service, they are very well organized and can cater to your needs. They are very fairly priced, their items are packaged safely, securely, and most importantly, discretely.


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