Payment Methods

Use this page as a reference of how to submit payment after completing your order!


You will receive payment instructions after checking out. If you don’t receive the detailed information for some reason, please send your payment to with your order number as your comment, i.e. ‘Order ####’. Any mention of spores or cultivation will result in order cancellation.

If we don’t receive your payment within 24hr, we will send a reminder request. If it’s not approved within the following 24hr, we will have to cancel your order.

Amazon Giftcards

We are presently unable to accept Amazon Giftcards.

After completing your checkout with the Amazon Giftcard option selected, you’ll need to purchase and send a single Amazon Giftcard for your order total (check your confirmation email if you’re not sure) and send it to

To make purchasing easier, please use this link to view the correct item. You must use to make the purchase. We cannot accept giftcards from,, etc.

Cash By Mail

After checking out with the Cash By Mail option, please put your exact total in USD (We cannot accept checks, money orders, etc.), rounded down to the nearest dollar (no coins!) into an envelope and send to:

94 Pleasant St
Suite 103
Arlington, MA 02476


Please ensure you follow these instructions exactly. Any non-cash payments (money orders, visa gift cards, etc).) mailed to us will be returned to sender in an untracked envelope via first class mail.

We won’t be able to process and ship your order until we receive your payment, so get it in the mail as quickly as you can! We strongly recommend sending your payment in a tracked envelope.


If you’d like to pay using a cryptocurrency, but don’t yet have a wallet configured, we highly suggest getting started on Coinbase, use this link to get started with an extra $10usd worth of bitcoin after your first purchase!

Please copy and paste the addresses exactly, otherwise we will not receive your payment.

Important: Forward the transaction information to us at after it’s been sent, otherwise we won’t be able to match your payment to your order.

We wait for 4 network confirmations before finalizing your payment. 

After checking out with the Crypto option, please submit payment via your choice of crypto to the following address.


BTC (Bitcoin)

Wallet Address: 3NRmGz6dzDQU8R7pKNv93gFgryX4YYNekn

BCH (Bitcoin Cash)

Wallet Address: 1D4qk5wZTkUK9MLd75Kh8ZaHKuTeH8FVja

ADA (Cardano)

Wallet Address: addr1vyansafqg3kcwdccez7wweuk0h6jxfxyj8dljv7ulv2a9cgjm7dhy

LTC (Litecoin)

Wallet Address: MAXrBjKZngx4ANEDT31MLNTQbeLwmWQQTa

XRP (Ripple)

Wallet Address: rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg

XRP Tag: 3122371275

ETH (Ethereum)

Wallet Address: 0x0699233e1A69fb3405b6639df61820A16e56C66c

XRM (Monero)

Wallet Address: 49HhJ7QUoJEgac9439fwZt7jt7sCNEwZ56jsejQPsqvz1N5DgftfVM2KXsMoMCZRtyimdpiS8z55a6SnkoFw7s4oU13GB3D


Please send your payment in a single transaction to

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