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Species Psilocybe cubensis
Difficulty ℹ️ ?
Spore Coloration Dark Purple


Most accounts suggest that the Golden Teacher was first introduced to the modern world in the 1980s. However, the exact origin, be it a specific location or individual who first isolated the strain, is not definitively documented. Over time, its popularity in cultivation and consumption has grown, leading to its widespread recognition and availability in the psychedelic and mycological communities.

The name “Golden Teacher” itself derives from the mushroom’s appearance and the reported effects. The caps of the mature mushroom are often golden or yellowish, and many users report profound insights or “lessons” during their experiences, thus the moniker “teacher.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A Mushroom Spore Print is the first (or last!?) stage in the reproductive lifecycle of a fungus! Once a mushroom fruiting body has reached maturiy, the cap is separated from the stipe and placed on aluminum foil. After some time, the gills will release the spores held on the basidium, and they will fall to the foil!

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Keep your spore prints in a cool, dark place. If you choose to keep them in the fridge, ensure they’re in an airtight container so no baddies get in!

Scrape a tiny bit of the print – you only need a little bit, there are millions of spores in a single print – onto your microscope slide and check those beauties out!

We have meticulous standards for purchasing spore prints from new sources. Please review this page and see if you’re interested in applying.

Each kit comes with a single print of the purchased variety on aluminum foil.

Some photos on this page have been sourced from iNaturalist or Wikipedia, taken mark-groeneveld, Alan Rockefeller, Matthew Borella, Denis Zabin, kaju, Andrey Loria, Juan Carlos Pérez Magaña or others not yet added to this list. See a photo your recognize that isn’t properly credited? Get a giftcard for letting us know!

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Absolutely blown away by this company and their spores, literally every single spore syringe produced magnificent very visual slides for microscopy study. Along with the great deals and friendly / prompt customer service I will ONLY use SWS from now on

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I've had several successful flushes. Great spores!!

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These are real. :)

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Very good and identified. They have proved themselves.

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Look no further southwest will fill all your needs

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