Mazatapec Spore Print


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Species Psilocybe cubensis
Difficulty ℹ️ ?
Spore Coloration Dark Purple

This strain is one of the “OG” of psilocybe cubensis and has a sacred history. The Mazatec are indigenous people from Oaxaca Mexico and feature a long and sacred history with this mushroom.

For generations, it was used as a sacrament in ceremonial rituals to connect with nature and help bridge the gap between the spirit and ourselves as a means of facilitating healing. These mushrooms are from Mexico and are deemed suitable for the average user due to their visual and brain effects. Growing this strain would only be recommended once some experience has been gained growing and tripping.

They form a good step between milder mushrooms like the Thai, Mexican or Cambodian mushrooms and the heavier strains such as Mckennaii and Ecuadorian. It is a good choice to use to shift from less potent mushrooms as you explore more potent ones. Many find them to be a good bridge to use in moving towards deeper experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

A Mushroom Spore Print is the first (or last!?) stage in the reproductive lifecycle of a fungus! Once a mushroom fruiting body has reached maturiy, the cap is separated from the stipe and placed on aluminum foil. After some time, the gills will release the spores held on the basidium, and they will fall to the foil!

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Keep your spore prints in a cool, dark place. If you choose to keep them in the fridge, ensure they’re in an airtight container so no baddies get in!

Scrape a tiny bit of the print – you only need a little bit, there are millions of spores in a single print – onto your microscope slide and check those beauties out!

We have meticulous standards for purchasing spore prints from new sources. Please review this page and see if you’re interested in applying.

Each kit comes with a single print of the purchased variety on aluminum foil.

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