Something’s Wrong!

Oh no! If you’ve found this page, we’re sorry! We strive to produce nothing but the cleanest, most professional samples in the market, but sometimes stuff happens!

Please read through the page below and let’s figure out how we can best support you!

My Syringe Looks Like Water!

Chances are, nothing is wrong here! Check out our page on Spore Homogenization to get a better understanding of why we try to maintain a balanced density of our spores.

If you still have concerns after reading through that page, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

There are foreign bodies in my sample!

While we use sterilized distilled water and prepare all of our samples in front of a 99.99% HEPA laminar filter, bacteria and yeast are wily little things! to ship a replacement we require the following in an email to

  • A timestamped picture of our solution on a microscope slide at 100x or greater magnification.
  • Your order number in the subject.

Simple as that! Send that our way and we’ll ship you a replacement on our next regularly scheduled shipping day.

If you are unable to meet these requirements, or no longer have our sample, we are happy to include a replacement in your next order, or issue a giftcard at 50% of the value of the contaminated sample – please just email us to let us know after placing your order.


Contaminant or density concerns must be communicated within 7 days of delivery. These issues reported outside of that days window are not covered by our sterility and refund policy.

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